This is my personal website, which used to be located here. I've recently created a github account in order to organize my latex notes, located here, with the most recent draft of the pdf located here.

Notes on sheaf cohomology

Notes on the sum product theorem

Reading recommendations

Class field theory examples

Some multigrades

Tricky misere games

Tricky puzzles

Some programs

Some cross ratios (written for high school students)

Royal road to the CSP (notes - also available on github)

Current draft of notes about Weil conjectures

Inequality handout from a Stanford Math Circle talk

Keep completing the square!

A cute way to interpolate log* (Inspired by this mathoverflow post)

Aronhold's invariants

How to include source code with an arxiv submission

A few useful links

Things I have written which are on the arxiv:

Sums of seven octahedral numbers (published in Journal of the London Math Society, Volume 93, Issue 1)

General divisor function inequalities and the third cumulant

Examples, counterexamples, and structure in bounded width algebras

Note on chromatic numbers of directed hypergraphs with no bad cycles

Inequalities and higher order convexity (old, never published)

Things I've written which are not yet on the arxiv:

Rough draft of a paper about binary minimal clones

Sifting iterations

Mostly finished article on a model sifting problem of Selberg

Rough draft of a paper on a semidefinite framework for sieve theory

Very rough draft of a paper on a reformulation of sieve theory as a question about probability distributions which imitate Poissons

Very very rough draft of a paper on optimal iteration rules

Very very rough draft of a paper on a weak consistency check that decides CSPs of bounded width

An inequality


A talk about sifting iterations from the 2017 JMM

A talk about spirals from the AAA94/NSAC 2017 conference

A talk about minimal clones from AAA96

A talk about minimal Taylor algebras from AAA99

A talk about a model problem in sieve theory

A talk about weaker consistency conditions for bounded width CSPs from AAA101

A talk about rounding rules and vague elements from AAA102

My thesis.